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Your body in balance

Why Rolfing® may help you?

For people who want to reduce physical and emotional tensions by improving posture and movement, Sara Bega is the only certified professional in Lanzarote using the Rolfing method, which in just 10 sessions allows you to achieve a balanced, more flexible, and efficient body for long-term well-being.

Rolfing® is a manual work method that aims to rebalance the structure of the human body through the manipulation of the connective tissue.

It uses deep pressure techniques to align the spine and other parts of the body, promoting greater mobility and a reduction in muscle tension and recurring emotional discomfort.

If you have stiffness that complicates your daily movements, I can help you to make your body more flexible and balanced thanks to a path designed for you.

Imagine a new you able to adapt to the physical, mental and emotional challenges of life!

Who is it for?

This revolutionary method is aimed at all those who wish to improve their well-being 

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back discomfort, neck, pain, shoulders, muscle tension in general

many hours at the computer in an office, or for a long time during your day, you make repetitive and exhausting movements

at any level and you want to learn how to keep your body elastic

using the body as a working tool

regaining your balance and moving better in harmony with gravity

 to increase your well-being with new habits to move.


Your well-being begins here: you deserve it!


Manual treatment on the body combined with exercises of movement and balance of posture, path that develops in 10 sessions

Craneosacral technique

Holistic technique that uses touch to intervene on the cranial sacral rhythm, useful for recovery of well-being in general

Masotherapy treatment

Massage with essential oils and/ or cupping targeted to specific areas of the body


How Rolfing® helps you

Rolfing dolor espalda

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The results

My clients say that...

I couldn't sleep at night, I had both hands full of tingling in my fingers waking me up because of the problem. I wanted to get rid of this discomfort... From the beginning, I achieved significant improvements in resolving the sleep issue. The following reminders have also been very helpful... I miss your treatment very much today! I miss you a lot, Sara!
58 years old saleswoman
From my own experience, it is an effective method to feel much better. After 7 months of L4 L5 disc herniation surgery, I have had 3 sessions of Rolfing with Sara and I am noticing a great improvement. I highly recommend this great professional. Thank you Sara
José (Facebook)
Playa Honda Lanzarote
Finally we have Rolfing in the Canary Islands!
Puerto Calero
Sara Bega has changed my back pain a lot thanks to small exercises.
Elio (Facebook)
Playa Blanca
I suffered from frequent dizziness often associated with cervical problems. I felt a stiff back and the resulting incorrect posture standing and sitting... I'm fed up with using medications... Trying Rolfing® incredibly, at the end of the treatments, the dizziness and cervical tensions disappeared. My posture has also improved a lot. Thank you, Sara, you are a true professional and above all a good person...
21 years - Supermarket cashier
I had several problems from a disturbing subcarpular contracture treated by several "experts" but without success, cervical pain and right knee pain (surgery of the medial collateral ligament and meniscus) resulting in incorrect posture... Thanks to you, Sara, after one treatment, the contracture was eliminated, and at the end of the 10 sessions, I had great improvements in the knee and an almost total disappearance of the cervical problems... I don't know how to thank you... '
61 years installer domestic appliances
"When the body works properly, the force of gravity can flow, then spontaneously, the body heals".
Ida Rolf

Do you want to know more about the

Are you interested in becoming a Rolfer like me? Here you can see the most important European and worldwide associations and click on them.

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Here I tried to answer the most frequently asked questions that people ask me the first time they hear about Rolfing®.

The best thing to do is to consult your doctor.

Then, if your situation allows it, you can start the Rolfing® route.

It is best to consult your doctor.
Rolfing® is an alternative holistic, non-pharmacological method that deals with the whole person.
The focus of the Rolfing® path is to connect your body to your sensations and emotions, so that everything works in harmony and balance.
That is why the initial interview is crucial to exchange information and questions.
Afterwards, if your situation allows it, the Rolfing® path can be started.

It is best to consult your doctor.
For example, other holistic treatments, such as plantar reflexology, have the same direction, i.e. the rebalancing of the person and can therefore complement the Rolfing® sessions.


The session is done in underwear, then in panties and bra for women and in briefs for men.

Clothing is not really important.

You can come in your everyday clothes, in tracksuit or however you feel more comfortable to undress and dress.

Of course, it is best not to put on creams before the session, so my intervention is easier.

Sara Bega

Certified Advanced Rolfer™


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